As a Transformational Sports Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

  • How to Succeed at A Young Age:  Are you the best player on your team at a young age?  The goal is to continue to improve with still being great at each level you play at.

  • Mental Toughness:  Do you ever begin to doubt yourself in the middle of competition or when the game is on the line?  The goal is to identify where your doubts stem from in order for you to overcome them, giving you the mental toughness and confidence you need throughout the entire game.
  • Play Hard All The Time:  Do you take plays off during the game, during practice or the off-season?  Or maybe you play hard, but you've taken yourself out of the game because you're not playing smart.  What are your goals as an athlete?  To be elite you must always be working on your game.  The goal is to create a mindset that plays hard and plays smart.
  • Being Coachable:  Do you sometimes feel you know more than your coaches or teammates that you talk back or ignore them and stick to your way of doing things?  The goal is to create a coachable mindset.  Being coachable is not only essential for yourself but for your team as well.  Being coachable is an essential skill in being an elite athlete.
  • Being Accountable:  When things go wrong on the court, do you find yourself pointing the finger at teammates, coaches and/or referees?  Although it's easier to blame someone else when things go wrong, it doesn't solve the problem and might create more problems within your team.  If your goal is to be part of a championship team, all members must be accountable and lead by example on how to improve for the greater good of the team.
  • Obstacles That Happen Off The Court:  Do you feel that off the court/field there may be things happening that hinder your performance as an athlete?  The direction of your athletic path is a reflection of the decisions and actions you make off the outside of sports.  The goal is to acknowledge any obstacles you may have and overcome them.  This can be the key difference in the path you take as an athlete.

Transformational sports coaching will help you achieve a specific athletic outcome and in the process it will enhance other areas of your life. If you're committed to taking your athletic potential to the next level, I look forward to working with you. 

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