“Through examples of her own life experiences, Michelle captures invaluable lessons that can benefit anyone who reads this book. Her passion and wisdom are evident in her writing. Be ready to be empowered.”

– M. Reynoso, Middle School English Teacher

"...Tell all of your student-athletes to read How YOUth Triumph in Sports by Michelle Morgan...I wish I had read that as a student-athlete when I was one, it would have helped me mentally and physically tremendously."
- Lisa Garatti

"I have had the pleasure of watching Michelle in action when she spoke to my basketball team about the importance of their self worth and how to calculate their own self worth. Her presentation was priceless, not because it made perfect sense, but because her enthusiasm and passion to enlighten others is contagious. I can say with certainty that Michelle is on the path to changing people's lives by helping them examine their own treasure within, priceless!"
- S. Krul, SBCC Women's Basketball Head Coach

"Michelle has a way of making her clients feel at ease with her calm demeanor in an easy going yet professional manner. Her non-judgmental tone and excellent listening skills make it easy for her clients to open up & trust her."
-Tiffany Lopez

"I've always considered myself a driven and positive individual; however, over the years I've found myself worrying more than what is healthy. I reached out to Michelle not really knowing the positive magnitude and change that awaited me. Michelle helps me see myself. Clearly. A mirror accompanied by wise, gentle and truthful words. I cannot think of a time that I got off the phone with Michelle and didn't feel better and most importantly armed with a strategy to better myself, even if it was simply changing my thinking. I love in a completely different time zone from Michelle, but I always feel her warmth and her energy! This past summer I truly felt I was at a standstill with my goals and where I was at in life. Some of my expectations were completely unrealistic and contingent upon things outside of my control. Michelle helped and still helps me through my difficult life questions and simply being the best me. Her support has been priceless and my journey is just beginning. Thank you Michelle, we aren't done!"
- Amber

“Coach Michelle is dynamic, honest and genuine in her approach to coaching and her unique way of simply KNOWING what her clients need is inspiring. I had the pleasure of training her to become a life coach and she was a star pupil. As she does in her client sessions, her enthusiasm for her training was apparent. I have watched her take everything she learned, as well her natural abilities as a problem solver and use it to deliver transformation in the lives she touches. I highly recommend her and am confident that you will experience life changing conversations with her as your life coach.”
- Coach Kerri R. Smith-Osei, CLC

"Comforting, compassionate and healing are just some words that come to mind after each coaching session with Michelle. Having Michelle as a life coach is on the best decisions I have ever made. Her spirituality and personable demeanor along with her knowledge, guidance and helpful tools always gives me hope that I WILL see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is also intuitive, insightful and can powerfully reflect the true nature of what's happening. I would say the most astounding quality about Michelle is her compassion. She is a natural healer who uplifts and inspires. Thank you Michelle!!!"
- K. Williams

"Vida es Oro has inspired and guided me to opening the doors of happiness that I knew have always existed in my life, but were obstructed by barriers and obstacles I was scared to work through and let go of. "Letting go" has been the most liberating feeling and has allowed me to focus my energies on the positive people and blessings in life! In addition, Golden Thoughts have been amazing daily reminders to continue to strive for better!"
- J. Smedley

"More than just talking about abundance and positive focus, Michelle lives it. Over our years of friendship she has proven to be a sage source of wisdom and support and her stories of overcoming difficulties and achieving successes have inspired me time and again to reach for my goals with confidence."  
- Emily June Heisley