What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is your opportunity to live the life you desire and to find that passion or purpose and make it a reality. Coaching can help you to reach that goal you’ve been struggling to complete.


Deep inside, each of us has dreams and goals we want to accomplish, both personal and professional. We also have thoughts, words and beliefs that get in our way.


Professional coaching is a partnership between client and coach for the purpose of helping the client identify and achieve personal as well as professional goals. The client really is the expert in their life and has all their own answers. The coach uses questions and other tools to help the client find their answers and help keep them on track as they move towards reaching their own specific goals.


We are all unique, and each coaching relationship is designed to meet the needs of each individual.


Who is Life Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone who is feeling stuck in one place, knowing they want more. It could be improving performance in an existing job or looking for something new within a present career or job. Someone seeking a new relationship or enhancing the relationship they are currently in. It is for that person who never takes time for themselves, always working or doing for others. The bottom line is it is for a person who wants change and needs the support and guidance from another, without judgment.


What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits to coaching, and each individual will be unique to their own life or professional goals. However, some benefits include:


  •   Personal and/or professional growth
  •   Improved health
  •   Finding your life’s passion, purpose or dream job
  •   Finding a sense of clarity, life balance and enhanced relationships


How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the client. Typically the coach and client meet once a week for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, three to four times a month. As the client progresses, this may be modified.


You can expect that the coaching session will start with a check in, which is a look at where the client is at that time. Dependent upon where the client is, after check in could be going into what worked, or didn’t from the prior week’s homework or maybe something new came up. The client sets the agenda and the coaching starts from that point. Each session ends with “homework” from the coaching session.


Coaching is convenient. Most coaching is done via telephone. Other options include in person or on Skype.


How Much Does it Cost?

Coaching is affordable. Dependent upon session length and number of times per month the cost will vary.

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never receive their maximum capabilities"
~ Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot


Hello, I am Laureen Rogers, founder and owner of Transformations Coaching & Consulting. I am a life and career coach and am passionate about helping people achieve their highest potential and live a life of balance, fulfillment, and purpose. I believe that each of us has an essential and equally important purpose in life that we are meant to fulfill. Transformations Coaching & Consulting was founded to inspire individuals and teams to live their best life and fulfill their greatest dreams.

I have an extensive background in the corporate world, facilitating transformational change and helping individuals and teams achieve their highest potential. I've personally been on many transformational journeys throughout my own life, and know that having a partner to support you can be the critical edge we all need sometimes to stay focused on our goals.

I'll partner with you every step of the way to help you find the answers that are right for you. Your heart and intuition know the way, but the answers often remain elusive until we take a deeper look inside ourselves to find them. I'll cheer you on as you take control of your destiny, and celebrate with you as you begin to realize your goals and dreams! My personal dream is to help transform lives and ignite a million dreams. Let me partner with you to ignite yours!

Call me to discuss further how partnering with me as your personal coach can be the critical edge you need to move into action and begin realizing your goals and dreams. You'll be glad you did!


"Laureen is a compassionate listener. She engages from her heart in a way that facilitates deep personal work. What a joy it is to work with her!"
~ James Campbell

"Laureen helped me realize that I have all the tools to access my pure potential which has helped me turn indecision into action. There is a quote that reads, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I am thankful for Laureen's presence during a time in my life when I needed the support and confidence to believe in myself. Her coaching has rejuvenated my soul allowing me to passionately pursue my dreams."
~ M.F.

"I found Laureen's style very beneficial in helping me find balance in my life. I particularly benefited from our initial session when we talked about all areas of my life. It was truly a "wow" moment for me and quite sobering. I knew that I had a lot of work to do in regards to becoming a better human being to not only myself but others. Even though I felt like I had a lot of work to do our session were pressure free, but probing and enlightening. I felt like I got a lot of tools that will continue to benefit me throughout this journey."

"I had never taken a Vision Board Class so I was excited to create a visual map of what I want to presently create in my life. The process of picking out photos brought more clarity as to the things I would like to manifest and reminded me of some of the passions in life I had forgotten about. I now have my Vision Board in my living room as a constant visual reminder of the things I want to see some to fruition. Laureen is passionate about guiding people in their journey through her coaching and in this class, so I would highly recommend this workshop to those who are ready to take that first step exploring and finding your hearts desires."

"I originally resisted signing up for Laureen's Vision Board Class because I am not artful or crafty, and I always feel nervous in this kind of setting. However, the opposite happened! I felt happy, relaxed and grateful for every moment - AND my vision board will be a wonderful guide and inspiration for my meditation."
~ Chrissy

It’s easy to pay for coaching with PayPal, check, or money order.

Coaching is a partnership between you, the client, and your coach. The understanding between the two of you is that you are the expert in your life and your dreams and the coach is the expert in the process of coaching for transformation. The purpose of coaching in not to ‘fix’ you, but rather to help you see a path for attaining your dreams. You are healthy and whole. Coaching helps you deepen your understanding of yourself and your situation and gets you into action to attain your desires.

What it’s not

Coaching is not therapy or counseling where the focus might be on your past experiences or looking for the root of how you feel. If your coach asked about something in your past it will be a very short trip to help ground your current or future plans into the patterns of your life.

Coaching is not consulting or mentoring where the client is relying on the consultant to tell them what to do. When working with a mentor, they are the experts and you rely in them for direction and connections. Coaching is a partnership of equals where each has skills in complementary areas.

It also has nothing to do with athletic development. Don’t expect me to blow a whistle and demand you do pushups. I will not direct you or demand that you do things my way. We are partners who define the path together.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Regular rate coaching all unused sessions are refundable with a 48 hour advance notice, minus a $25.00 cancelation fee. For packages please refer to refund policies document in your startup packet.


How Do I Get Started?

Once you commit to coaching; you will receive a packet to complete before your initial discovery session. During the discovery session, we will discuss your goals and design your newly formed alliance. The next session will then be the beginning of your coaching.