Know Your Worth: Complete the equation below to see what you're worth in the weight of gold.

Today's gold price per troy ounce averages $1,220. 1 pound is equal to 14.58 troy ounces.
Multiply your body weight(lbs.) x 14.58 = ________ t oz.
Multiply your body weight in (t oz.) x $1,220 = $__________

This is what you're worth in the weight of gold!
The mission of Vida Es Oro is for everyone to realize their worth. If you had 1 troy ounce of gold, would you cherish it, take care of it to your best ability, shine it, and always handle it with care? These are the ways you should be treating yourself. YOU are golden and worth so much! Know your worth, goals and passions and follow them. Every moment is an opportunity to do and feel better than the last. If you're reading this, you still have more light to be sharing and shinning amongst others. Listen to the voice of your soul and...Discover your passions and pursue genuine happiness and love. When you do what you love, you love yourself and you're spreading love. You're here to live a golden life! Your life is NOW and it's GOLDEN! 

I truly believe everyone deserves to be happy and it all starts from within. You're worth more than you know!
Treasure Yourself & Shine