Get Your Mind Right

Same stuff...different day...

How many times have we heard this or maybe even said this to ourselves? When this phrase is said it usually doesn't encompass any positive feelings or emotions. It might usually be followed by a laugh or two and maybe even a brief description of why something's don't seem to be going the way we'd like them to.

Honestly, there is nothing funny about being unhappy!  The question is what are you doing to change the circumstances in your life that are causing you distress.  Your condition will not change by continuing to dwell on the situation and give yourself excuses.   By remaining in this mindset you're allowing the situation to continue in YOUR life. Remember this is YOUR life! What can YOU do to change what seems like a negative into a positive? Keep in mind decisions for change should keep your happiness first priority.

Anytime we experience a negative emotion or feeling about something, it's the Universe's way of saying, "I give you permission to create the happiness you'd like to see." Change the way you think to inspire change in your actions and you'll be surprised how life begins to start working with you instead of against you.

Develop your mind to take action in creating happiness in YOUR life! The choice is yours.


Move Toward Your Truth

Today's workout at the gym inspired me to write Golden Thoughts today. Today began a new phase in my workout at the gym increasing the intensity in my workouts. It was a leg day and I wasn't expecting the new phase to be so intense.  Half way through my workout I began doing single-leg barbell squats and oh did I start to feel the burn. The sweat was dripping and my breathing had definitely increased. During my second set I could see and feel my leg starting to shake a little and I thought "If I can't finish the called for number of reps in this set, it's OK because my body feels maxed out, so let me save some energy for my last set."

I looked in the mirror that was right in front of me and said out loud "C'mon let's go Michelle!" Deep down my mind told me that I was capable of completing the set. I finished it and on my last set I even added weight just to push myself a little bit more.

In that moment I realized how easy it is to stay content in our comfort zone.  How often do we remain in our comfort zone? Our body and our surroundings might be telling us, "This is good, you've gone far enough, you've done great to get this far, it's OK to stop now." Our mind is what tells us to push through. A glimpse of our true potential is just beyond our comfort zone.

Yea, it's scary to step outside of our comfort zone because then we realize we might have to take another step out and who knows what I'll be asked of myself to do then? What will be next? Don't stop short of your true potential.  When we take these steps we will feel a slight impression that the impossible is now POSSIBLE.

The truth is that we're capable of so much! Stop settling in your comfort zone because your goals don't lie there. Sometimes we believe our success lies in our comfort zone because maybe that's what we thought success would look like.  But, we are worth so much and have so much to offer to ourselves and the world.

What steps will you take outside of your comfort zone to move towards your true worth and potential in moving towards true happiness?