Your #1 Fan

With the Super Bowl upon us I thought I'd write about something sport related. All sports and teams have their die-hard fans. The fan that sticks to their team win or lose, when their team is down they always have hope or confidence that their team can come back, when their team is having a losing season, they'll still defend them as to why they're having a bad season or revert back to their winning seasons as why they're still the best and even end with "Next year will be our year!" The fan that is so passionate that every game is their game to win.

This same passion can be funneled into ourselves, making that star player You, with You as your #1 fan. Do you encourage yourself the same way you do your favorite team or player? When the outcome of the game (day) is not in your favor, do you feel you are capable of winning your next game (making tomorrow a winning day)?

We all should believe in ourselves that we can and will achieve our goals.  It is the fan in us that will defend our team for their faults and scrutinize the other team for the same reasons. At the same time, we know our team needs some changes, but we are hard to admit this truth. The same can be said of our self-fan.  At times it may seem easier to root on someone else because it takes the focus off of you, but in that moment is when you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to create a winning attitude to begin winning at achieving all your goals and happiness in life. Take in the moment and realize the passion you use in cheering on your favorite team/athlete is the same drive you have inside of you in attaining your goals. The confidence you give your team/player to overcome any adversity during the game is the same confidence you can use in your own life.

We are all winners in our own life, sometimes it's a matter of how much passion, confidence and a positive attitude we give to ourselves. Now whose your favorite player in your life?